Monica M. Belmont

Monica M. Belmont is the Research Director of Global Aging Consulting and leads the Center’s research program and academic partnerships. Monica M. Belmont is responsible for the development and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research studies related to demographic aging. Read more

Fukunaga Anbi

Fukunaga’s passion for demographic aging began with many years of experience in strategy. She has worked for the best agencies, as well as being a leader in developing a solid strategic strategy. Based in Tokyo, Fukunaga Anbi co-leads GlobalAgingConsulting for Read more

Gunther Kleinmann

Gunther Kleinmann is considered by many to be at the forefront of the imperative of demographic aging. Gunther Kleinmann’s pioneering efforts have guided leading organizations, their distributors and their clients to recognize the importance of the Global Aging. Based in Berlin, Read more

frederic serriere - expert on global aging

Frédéric Serrière

Advisor for board of directors in strategy focused on Global Ageing, Silver Economy and Seniors market. Frederic Serriere helps leaders to clarify their visions, to choose strategies in order to find growth opportunities due to population ageing. Concretely, this takes different forms: meetings and Read more