The development of an activity on the Silver Economy is considered difficult by most players. The reasons are many: Seniors often have very specific needs, some economic models are unreliable, some distributors reluctant to sell products to Seniors, ecosystems difficult to implement …

To meet these challenges, we are helping companies, over time, to develop on the Silver Economy.

Coaching / Coaching

We accompany several company on the Silver Economy with regular meetings to exchange, step back, get different opinions, strong strategies … in a flexible way.

Development Studies

Certain geographical areas, certain sectors, certain ecosystems … are easier to develop in the Silver Economy. For example, some countries have put in place public policies that promote the development of the Senior market. In other areas, the Silver Economy encounters difficulties.


The relationship with partners, distributors … is essential in Silver Economy ad 50plus market: ecosystems are often difficult to structure and distributors resistant to sell products for Seniors.

We help you to detect coherent partners and to structure your offer according to the interests of all players.


Silver Economy companies are eligible for most current aid and financing. In addition, some financial help (local, national, European) are more specifically dedicated to the environment of the Silver Economy. For their part, investment funds are beginning to invest in companies in the Seniors market.

We help you to detect this funding, to structure your application files and to meet investors.