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Trainings on global_aging

GlobalAgingConsulting keynote speakers have captivated hundreds directors and managers worldwide with an in-depth look at the world’s aging population and its important business, social and lifestyle implications. Our firm customizable, interactive presentations are built upon 15+ years of indeep research, best-selling books, award-winning articles, and insightful, results-driven marketing and communications initiatives led by Frederic Serriere and Gunther Kleinman and the GlobalAgingConsulting team.

Frédéric Serrière

Frédéric Serrière has spoken in several hundred conferences on issues relating to the Senior market and the world’s population aging also called Global aging.

Teaching, stimulation, motivation and enthusiasm to explain changes related to demographic aging and unique opportunities for growth for businesses.

Examples of interventions : For ever Young – Asia for Ageing – Sftag – Silver Valley – International China Ageing Industry Association – Asaging – Aarp – plus de 60 CCI et Conseils généraux – International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics – Boomer Summit – plus de 200 entreprises privées – Aging in America – Montreal Conference Events – Journées Internationales de la Silver Economy – Beyond the Boomers Conference – Boomer Business Conference – Boomer Marketing Conference – IQPC Seminar « Marketing Financial Services to Boomers » – White House Conference on Aging – World Demographique Association, Conférence parlementaire, Conférence du lancement de la Silver Economie…

Gunther Kleinmann

Gunther Kleinmann is considered by many to be at the forefront of the imperative of demographic aging. Gunther Kleinmann’s pioneering efforts have guided leading organizations, their distributors and their clients to recognize the importance of the Global Aging.

Based in Berlin, Gunther Kleinmann leads GlobalAgingConsulting for Europe.

Jean-François Michel

Jean-François Michel is an economist and intervenes regularly to explain the economic impacts of an aging population.

Vian Puhn

Vian Puhn has been interested in the themes of demographic aging for several years. He joined GlobalAgingConsulting to look after Asia.

Based in Singapore, Vian Puhn co-leads GlobalAgingConsulting for Asia.

Esteban Malara

An experienced researcher, Dr. Esteban Malara brings his experience and knowledge in demographic and social sciences research to the GlobalAgingConsulting team in New York. For more than a decade, Esteban Malara has been deeply involved in demographic research …

Based in New York, Esteban Malara co-leads GlobalAgingConsulting for the US.

Fukunaga Anbi

Fukunaga’s passion for demographic aging began with years of experience in strategy. Work for the best agencies, as well as a case manager in developing solid strategic strategy.

Based in Tokyo, Fukunaga Anbi co-leads GlobalAgingConsulting for Japan.