Keynote presentations

GlobalAgingConsulting keynote speakers have captivated hundreds directors and managers worldwide with an in-depth look at the world’s aging population and its important business, social and lifestyle implications. Our firm customizable, interactive presentations are built upon 15+ years of indeep research, best-selling books, award-winning articles, and insightful, results-driven marketing and communications initiatives led by Frederic Serriere and Gunther Kleinman and the GlobalAgingConsulting team.

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GlobalAgingConsulting is the leading consulting firm in strategy for boards of directors on issues relating to global aging, silver economy and 50plus market since 1995.

Under the leadership of Founder/Ceo Frederic Serriere, our consultants give advices to national and international companies, as well as public institutions and non-profit organizations.

We advice directors and managers on strategies in other to take advantage of the growth provided by population aging.

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Market studies

For more than 15 years, Global Aging Consulting has supervised numerous market studies on the Seniors and the Silver Economy.

Global Aging Consulting focuses on researching high-level information directly with decision-makers and actors : users, prescribers, manufacturers, funders, experts, distributors …

The analyzes carried out are therefore based on a detailed knowledge of the Senior marketing worldwide and many countries and not on extrapolations of data from theoretical models often false due to the complexity of the subject.

Our experience has allowed us to develop proprietary methodologies and matrices such as: Com / GI matrices, tangency, generations / ages, Global Aging System mapping …

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Educational programs

GlobalAgingConsulting proposes unique suite of innovative, results-driven marketing tools and seminar systems to better understand Global Aging in order to meet their goals and objectives with today’s 50plus market and maturing consumers.

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